We're so excited to announce that auditions for the Spring 2022 semester will be held in-person AND virtually! Please read the following information carefully to audition for any of our a cappella groups.


1. Decide if you are auditioning in-person or virtually.


Though we are keeping a virtual option available for this semester, we strongly encourage you to audition in person. It gives us a much better chance to hear your sound! Both in-person and virtual auditionees will sign up with the same google form which will open Jan 21 at 11:59 pm.



1. Look at what each a cappella group has to offer under the "Groups" tab.

You can audition for as many groups as you want! Just make sure you sign up for an audition time for each group you want to audition for. 


2. Sign up for audition times.

You can sign up for times in advance using the audition google form, or you can scan the QR codes around CAS day-of to sign up for available time slots- the QR codes will lead to the same google form posted on this site. 

If you've filled out the form but need to sign up for more times, the links to the sign-up sheets are below:




3. Show up and sing!

You should plan to be near the audition room at least 5 mins before your assigned time, and you will receive a text/email when you can head in! During your audition, we'll lead you through some scales to warm you up, and then sing a verse and a chorus of a song of your choice. Pick a solo song that shows off your voice and matches your vocal/performance style! (We recommend no musical theater) 

**The first round of auditions will be blind, so feel free to come in your sweats.**


1. Look at what each a cappella group has to offer under the "Groups" tab.

Your one submission will allow you to audition for as many groups as you want! Check out our groups to pick whom you want to audition for.

2. Prepare your audition audio file.

**Make sure to submit an audio-only file! We are doing blind auditions to prevent unconscious bias, please do not submit a video audition.**

In the audio file, you will be expected to do the following:

1) State your full name and pronouns

2) Use the MP3's provided to the right to sing along to the range test tape made for your specific vocal range (We recommend using headphones/earbuds while you sing along)


3) Tell us which song you're going to sing & the name of the artist

4) Sing 1 verse and chorus of that song a cappella (no accompaniment, instruments, or tracks)

5) If you are a beatboxer too, add on a freestyle after you sing your solo. Show us what you got!

*For more specific and IMPORTANT audition tips, go to our Google Form!

3. Fill out the rest of our questions on our Google Form & submit your audition audio file! You can find the Google Form by clicking on the big red button to the right.


The Google form will open Jan 21 at 11:59 pm! We look forward to hearing from you.

Range Test MP3: Soprano/Alto

BU a cappella Range Test

Range Test MP3: Tenor/Bass

BU a cappella Range Test Tenor_Bass